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As a global leader in Driver Safety and Fleet Management solutions, Applied Driving is driven by a simple yet crucial mission: to enhance road safety for everyone.

Our Companion+ Telematics integration for Geotab empowers fleets to leverage their existing data, generating actionable insights to enhance driver performance.

The best part? It's all automated, providing instant support to your drivers, and time back for your managers.


What is Companion+ Telematics?
Companion+ is our latest innovative product which analyzes driver performance and mitigates potential risk autonomously. The technology is available as a smartphone app, or via telematics and camera integrations.


How does it work?
Understanding where drivers are at-risk helps only if you know what to do about it. Our Triggered TrainingTM supports drivers to adopt safe driving habits, specific to their uniquely identified risks.

As driving events are detected using telematics units or devices, the event data and camera footage is transmitted to Applied Driving for analysis. Companion+ then automatically analyzes this data and create insights. From these insights, tailored actions are created and Triggered TrainingTM is issued in the form of a safety message, safety video or online training module to help support and improve your driver’s performance.


What type of Fleet is Companion+ Telematics suited for? 

  • Any size, as long as you have telematics installed
  • Designed for busy fleet owners and managers who need a solution to manage risk with minimal management interventions
  • Diverse fleet with non-standardized process
  • Fleets with Time-restricted management
  • Fleets with Time restraints for driver training 
  • Fleets with Increasing insurance premiums
  • Fleets who want to protect brand reputation


What are the Benefits?

Our Triggered TrainingTM powered by Companion+ uses a blended learning approach to maximize driver engagement and efficacy. As a result, organizations enhance their driver safety culture while reducing organizational costs and minimizing managerial impact.

  • Cost savings from reduced incidents, claims and premiums
  • Improved Driver Performance
  • Enhanced Driver Safety Culture
  • Integrates directly into your existing telematics and dashcam systems
  • Utilizes your existing systems to generate actionable insights for your drivers.
  • Seamless integration for existing providers within the Geotab Marketplace
  • No manager interventions 
  • All trip information captured
  • Data can be used for logistics and route optimization
  • Additional detections – can detect data such as no seat blet use or EV charge etc
  • Existing clients have benefited from a 96% reduction in at-risk events.




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Applied Driving

Provided byApplied Driving

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