Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons

Provided byBeWhere Inc.


BeWhere provides hardware and software solutions that automatically track movable assets to better manage tools, equipment, inventory and other non-powered assets. BeWhere’s ruggedized BLE (Bluetooth® low energy) beacons with sensors reduce the need to manually count inventory, and save time on finding misplaced items.

With the simple addition of the IOX-BT cable and beacons, BeWhere can automatically track valuable assets on vehicles. Additionally, Bluetooth® allows for assets to be tracked inside buildings using smartphones, tablets and BLE/Wi-Fi gateways.

Information on the tagged assets’ location and sensors can be accessed and managed through a beta Add-In and beta mobile app.

BeWhere’s Add-In functionality includes:

  • Intuitive map interface
  • Dashboards
  • Live beacon status updates
  • Administration of users and user groups, beacons (naming, assignment), gateways (devices) and alert creation. This capability exists for Geotab dealers to see their client’s logins for service and troubleshooting.  

Smartphones and/or tablets with the BeWhere application loaded shows users the real-time data of beacons associated with their device:

  • Sensors (temperature, light exposure, impact/tilt etc…)
  • Battery Life of the beacon
  • Proximity (RSSI: estimation of the distance beacon - mobile device)

Features And Benefits

  • Inventory location data provided through Geotab’s GO6, GO7 + IOX-BT and Android/IOS devices
  • Automated inventory — no requirement for manual counting
  • On-board vehicle inventory to drive — ensure the tools required are in the vehicle before arriving
  • Knowledge of inventory on site
  • Monitor inventory 24/7 — reduce lost inventory
  • Guarantee goods have been transported based on a defined set of rules (threshold predefined on the sensors)
  • Inspections — assurance that people were on site
  • BeWhere beacons have a range of up to 250m/800 ft.
  • Immediate notifications with audible alerts on tablets and smartphones
  • Alerts based on various sensor thresholds (e.g. impact ,light levels, temperature)


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