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Accurate location tracking, arrival and departure updates, error-free order processing, navigation and complete proof of service capture. Cyan Pickup & Delivery is a comprehensive, feature-rich mobile application designed to automate the administrative / exhaustive manual-based common driver tasks to ensure accurate, on-time and error-free pickups, deliveries, returns and much more. This driver workflow application comes integrated with Geotab HOS and telematics data, along with commercial-grade turn-by-turn navigation and advanced routing capabilities.


Enable your back office to assign routes, stops, and order to your drivers where they can quickly and accurately perform pickups, deliveries, returns and even OS&D. Capture complete proof of service information such as customer signatures, notes, photos, and document images.

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Features & Benefits

  • Provides complete proof of pickup and / or delivery documentation (including electronic signature capture, notes, pictures and document scanning)
  • Geotab GO7 & GO8 integrated vehicle telematics provide accurate vehicle location tracking and time & GPS stamped arrival and departure notifications for each stop
  • Supports manual and barcode scan driven verification of all order items, OS&D processing and planned or ad-hoc returns processing
  • Leveraging Geotab’s Geotab Drive application, optionally supports quick and easy visibility into a Driver’s current Hours of Service (HOS) Status and one-click access to the underlying HOS application
  • A web-portal supports stop assignment and reassignment, stop progress monitoring, and proof of pickup and/or delivery documentation review
  • Integrated turn-by-turn commercial navigation along with both advanced route optimization and offline mapping

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