Border Crossing 70-Hour/8-Day Add-In

Provided byGeotab Inc.


When a CMV is operating in the USA or Canada, the driver must follow the hours of service regulations of the jurisdiction. Drivers who cross the USA-Canada border can easily switch between the USA 70-hour/8-day and Canada Cycle 1 (BETA) rulesets through Border Crossing 70-Hour/8-Day Add-In.

Features And Benefits

  • Improve HOS compliance
  • Allow drivers to focus on driving safely & eliminate time spent filling out paper logs
  • Drivers can be productive & can eliminate time spent figuring out the hours of service regulations of the jurisdiction



United States

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Device Requirements

GO device

Device Plan Requirements

Regulatory, Pro, ProPlus

Mobile Version

Android devices: running version 4.4 or laterApple devices: running iOS 8.0 or later