CallPass Solar Sense

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Scalable, Ruggedized, Solar-Powered Asset Tracking and Sensor Solution for Powered & Non-Powered Assets and Equipment


Designed to last through the toughest weather, roughest terrains and power-starved environments, the Solar Sense GPS tracker meets the IP67 rating and supports long-term remote deployments without the need to replace the battery. If you require frequent data on location, health, and monitoring of remote assets and equipment, Solar Sense meets those needs by providing more frequent data updates for longer periods of time compared with other asset tracking devices.


Engineered to be fully charged with only 1 to 2 hours of direct sunlight, the Solar Sense GPS tracker is powered by a super-efficient solar-rechargeable battery and AT&T's 4G LTE Cat-1 network, enabling the device to provide up to 10 years of operation and data without any maintenance. With its super sleek low profile, no wires, and easy installation, this GPS tracker can be mounted and used on almost any asset or equipment type within 3 minutes via VHB tape or magnets. No installation professionals required!


Combined with our LANA™ asset management platform, Solar Sense is an easy, reliable asset tracking solution you can depend on. It's more than just GPS Data, it's profit-generating information at your fingertips without effort!

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Features & Benefits

Ruggedized Design: IP67 certified with 10-year battery life it is designed to last in the toughest, roughest and power-starved environments.


Global Visibility of Your Assets: From simple track and trace to advanced sensor capabilities, we’ve got you covered. Gain global visibility of everything you own with our super-fast, reliable and secure 4G LTE Cat-1 connectivity from AT&T.


Optimize Asset Utilization: Our LANA Asset Awareness Reports help identify assets and equipment with low ROI, providing managers the information they need to sell. relocate, or re-deploy under-performing assets.


Monetize Your Assets: The hard numbers don’t lie and we’ve got them for you in real-time making monetizing your assets simple:

  • Prevent theft and unauthorized use
  • Limit misuse, stop billing disputes and avoid prolonged dormancy
  • Reduce transit cycle times and bill for detention and dwell

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