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ContiPressureCheck is your ideal tire pressure monitoring system for commercial vehicle fleets. Our unique system uses sensors mounted inside the tire to capture the most accurate tire temperature and pressure data, and inform the driver of tire related issues in real-time. ContiPressureCheck helps to lower tire maintenance costs, improve safety on the road, obtain better tire tread life, and improve fuel mileage.

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ContiPressureCheck installation is quick and easy! To install, the central control unit and external antenna are mounted to the vehicle's frame, the display is wired into the cab, and the sensors are glued into the tires and the vehicle is programmed.


For every 10 PSI of under-inflation, you‘ll spend approximately 1% more on fuel and experience faster tread wear. Driving with the correct air pressure can lead to significant fuel savings and longer tire life, lowering your overall driving costs.


The ContiPressureCheck system helps avoid tire related breakdowns which can lead to costly downtimes, late fines, possible damage to public image and loss of sales or profits.

Peace of Mind:

Tire damage and breakdowns increase the risk of roadway accidents for both truck operators and motorists. Proper air pressure monitoring reduces these risk factors and helps eliminate tire-related breakdowns.


Correct inflation pressure helps reduce rolling resistance - accounting for almost 35% of average fuel consumption.

Better fuel economy is one of the simplest ways to reduce carbon emissions!

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