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The moment a Cummins engine system fault occurs, the Geotab device transmits key engine system and GPS data through this telematics connection. Connected Diagnostics instantly applies unique Cummins analytics to transform this raw data into useful, actionable information. Clear recommendations regarding continued vehicle operation - or the need for service - are immediately sent to the customer along with prioritized Cummins fault codes, fault severity, engine derate notifications triggered by the fault and a hyperlink to the nearest Cummins-certified repair facility. Notification can be sent through the mobile app, email or other web services.

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An image showing how Cummins Connected Diagnostics works.

Features & Benefits

  • Immediately transforms Cummins engine system fault code data into effective, actionable information.
  • Delivered virtually anywhere within seconds.
  • Compatible with all equipment manufacturers that utilize Cummins engines.
  • Immediate notification enables informed decision making for maximum uptime of your equipment.
  • Clear information about the primary fault enables fast and proper care for the Cummins engine system.
  • Expert recommendations from Cummins removes the guesswork from engine system faults.
  • Engine protection derate timer information maximizes uptime and equipment availability by avoiding unexpected downtime.

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