Decisiv Service Relationship Management Platform (SRM)

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About Decisiv, Inc.

The Decisiv Service Relationship Management (SRM) platform is built to service every commercial vehicle in North America. It is the most widely adopted SRM platform in the industry, supporting nearly 5,000 service providers and driving repairs for more than 3.5 million vehicles annually. Decisiv leverages telematics data from Geotab as part of the automation of preventative maintenance related SRM processes. 

Solutions for Service Providers

The Decisiv SRM family of solutions for service providers is an integrated series of products designed to address every aspect of the service management process, from end-to-end service event management, to common view reporting, to seamless integration with Dealer Management Systems, to automating estimates, and more. Decisiv SRM for service providers allows for:

  • A streamlined service process
  • Enhanced communication
  • Increased control over the entire asset service management lifecycle
  • Improved reliability in service operations that enables service providers to be trusted partners for fleets

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Decisiv Testimonials

Decisiv SRM has been crucial in helping service providers increase asset

utilization for their customers, improve technician efficiency, consolidate their management processes, reduce unit dwell time, strengthen relationships with their customers, and much more.

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Integration Partners

Decisiv currently has integrations with JPRO, MOTOR, Mitchell 1, TruVideo, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. With over 750 points of integration, Decisiv connects your existing systems to give you access to new data and capabilities. To view just a sample of our integrations, please click here to visit our marketplace.

Features And Benefits

  • 90% Fix it right the first time
  • 71% Reduced triage time
  • 62% Increased parts revenue
  • 30% Increased shop efficiency



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