Descartes Route Planning

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Descartes offers an innovative and comprehensive route planning and execution solution suite. It provides highly sophisticated capabilities that can be applied across a broad range of industries to dramatically reduce costs, create differentiated customer service, and manage drivers and vehicles in real-time. 


Key capabilities include:

  • Strategic Planning: Develop and optimize sales/distribution territories, replenishment strategies, and master routes that maximize customer service and profit
  • Daily/Dynamic Planning: Create optimal daily, same-day and multi-day routes
  • Dispatch & Tracking: Track and respond to exceptions, assign new work, and measure planned vs. actual performance

Features And Benefits

Descartes empowers planners, drivers, dispatchers, and operational management with the industry’s most advanced tools that are powerful yet simple to use.

  •  Increased route density and asset utilization
  • Responsive and reliable performance that creates service differentiation 
  • Reduced planning time and resources
  • Address a wide spectrum of planning environments
  • Adapt and scale with highly configurable technology
  • Continuously improve operations with fully integrated dispatch, mobile, and telematics capabilities
  • Accelerating efficiency with AI-driven automation
  • Effectively coordinate drivers, dispatchers and call centers to streamline operations and enhance customer service
  • Facilitate assignment of new orders and manage exceptions with robust real-time planning tools that utilize the same optimization engine that created the initial route plans
  • Leverage dynamically linked map, schedule and asset views with data on key indicators such as capacity usage, time to service each stop, customer time window violations, alternate available resources, route profitability, and more.

Device Plan Requirements

Base, Pro, ProPlus, Regulatory, Third-Party Device Plan




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Descartes Route Planning

Provided byDescartes

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