Track any non-powered asset with 10+ years of battery life. Versatile and rugged battery powered GPS/GLONASS devices featuring IP68 rated waterproof and dust resistant housing for superior strength and durability. Perfect for tracking trailers, containers, bins, equipment and other non-powered assets. Monitor location, movement history, asset uptimes, speed, inactivity, and much more. 


Devices feature Recovery Mode to enable immediate "live-tracking" in the case of theft, as well as 3D Accelerometers for Smart Movement-Based tracking and High-G Force event detection for configuring asset misuse or abuse alerts.

Features And Benefits

  • Seamless MyGeotab Integration: Take advantage of the extensive MyGeotab feature set
  • Easy to install and conceal with no hard-wiring
  • User-replaceable off-the-shelf batteries with LTC options for increased battery life and temperature tolerance
  • Fully configurable device parameters to fit any tracking application
  • Tough and waterproof IP68 Rated Housing
  • Built-in Battery Life Monitoring
  • 3D Accelerometers for Adaptive Tracking and Accident Detection



Central & South America


Australia & New Zealand

United States



Supported Languages