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Fleetio Manage is a complete system of record for your fleet, helping companies manage vehicles, equipment, maintenance, total cost of ownership, fuel and more with ease. Fleetio offers simple and comprehensive management of all day-to-day fleet operations, including maintenance management, fuel tracking, and parts and inventory data. Fleetio supports telematics integrations with Geotab, maintenance shop integrations and fuel card integrations from many of the leading providers. Every account comes with all-inclusive support, unlimited account users and online and mobile accessibility, including native apps like Fleetio Go.


Fleetio’s integration with Geotab provides users with seamless navigation between systems, automatic odometer updates, the ability to see a vehicle’s current location within Fleetio, fault code and DVIR issue management and fuel location exception reporting. Visit fleetio.com/geotab to learn more!

Features And Benefits

  • Complete system of record to store comprehensive vehicle information, stats, documents and photos
  • Manage your fleet remotely from anywhere with the Fleetio Go App
  • Conduct inspections from an intuitive mobile app and manage issues end-to-end
  • Facilitate in-house maintenance with parts and inventory management and work orders
  • Easily manage outsourced maintenance through the Shop Integration feature and automatically document vehicle service, expenses and receipts
  • Set alerts for scheduled maintenance, license renewals and inspections
  • Manage driver details, vehicle assignments and history
  • Analyze total cost of ownership per vehicle
  • Automatically import data from fuel cards and calculate fuel efficiency for your vehicles
  • Unlimited users and customize roles with flexible permissions
  • Get seamless integration with Geotab:
  • Automatic odometer and secondary meter readings
  • Simple navigation between systems
  • View current vehicle location in Fleetio
  • Fault code, DTC and DVIR management
  • Fuel location exception reporting







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