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Geotab’s Analytics Lab is where our Data & Analytics team shares “Experiments”  - Data Insight templates, which you can use to analyze your telematics data. Use the visualization tools to gain insights and uncover trends, helping you make informed business decisions and optimize your fleet.


The Experimental Tools within our Lab are based on new insights and models in continuous development by our Data & Analytics team. We seek to empower our users with the best data that makes sense for their business.  


Check out our experiments and tell us how we did, we'll analyze your feedback to help us improve our products!

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Features & Benefits

The Analytics Lab will:

  • Offer an opportunity to discover and engage with Geotab’s latest data tools.
  • Extend existing MyGeotab reporting capabilities to provide deeper insights into your fleet’s performance.
  • Provide an additional way to derive deeper insights on data in an easier way.    
  • Have new tools and templates available regularly to engage with, and participate in helping Geotab improve these data tools.

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