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Driving insight from the tens of millions of records generated by large fleets everyday is a complex process, especially when trying to integrate that vehicle data with other line-of-business systems. Overcome this challenge with the Geotab Data Science Package, a powerful solution to help customers find opportunities to grow and streamline their business.


This package provides a repository of raw, curated, and aggregated data - with sample code - in a single data lake. This can be used by data analysts and scientists as a turnkey solution to quickly derive insight from large volumes of data, helping you get the most use out of your data. Leverage external data by integrating existing business data with fleet maintenance logs, routes, locations, and transactions and other external sources like weather and traffic.

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Features & Benefits


  • Rich, ready-made datasets accessible with the click of a button
  • Fleet data automatically pushed into a personal Google BigQuery project, ready to start analyzing
  • Leverage External Data, integrate your existing business data with your fleet, such as:
  • Maintenance Logs
  • Routes
  • Store, Warehouse, & Customer Locations
  • Order & Sales Transactions
  • External data like weather and traffic
  • Curated datasets, like vehicle exception occurrences, trip data, vehicle vocations, hourly and daily traffic data, etc
  • Sample Python Notebooks and SQL code as a starting point to work with the data
  • Notebook templates including but not limited to: service center metrics, idling analysis, and visualizing raw GPS data on a map
  • Visit our GitHub account for all available templates and tools


  • Interpolation and further enrichment of your Geotab telematics data
  • Use Python notebooks to perform data manipulation and dive deep into your fleet data
  • Take a high level view of the data- simplistic use
  • Use it as a stepping stone to add more layers onto the data and find more insights- complex views & use
  • Large fleets can quickly analyze large volumes of data in seconds to identify past, present, and future trends

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