The HRN-CW03S3 is installed in vehicles or assets where no diagnostic port is available, due to the age or type of vehicle. It has three wires that connect to power, ground, and ignition. This harness is used with the GO6 and higher.

The HRN-CW03S3 harness connects to any vehicle, providing GPS tracking, accelerometer data (on Pro and ProPlus plans), and ignition voltage. 

Note: The GO6 does not have an ignition pin and, as a result, behaves in the same manner with a 3-wire installation as with a 2-wire installation.

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An image showing how HRN-CW03S3 works.

Features & Benefits

  • Allows the GO device to connect to vehicles without a diagnostic port
  • Provides GPS tracking, accelerometer data, and ignition voltage

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