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LinkeDrive automates all the heavy lifting of back-end data collection, normalization, and reporting of the most critical performance data for your organization and operational teams, all while providing personalized driver engagement and coaching to each and every one of your drivers.  We focus 100% on your drivers, so you can focus on everything else!  


LinkeDrive is tuned to your organizational goals and objectives. We help you achieve what matters the most to your organization.


Interested in bonus programs, and incentivizing drivers?  We’ve got you covered!  Leverage our Total Score, tuned to what helps put the most on the bottom line.


Interested in including additional third party data sources to create the most holistic performance program? LinkeDrive was designed with this very purpose in mind to include third party data sources, with the expectation that we will grow with your organization over time.  


Together, we can set your company’s full potential in motion!

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Features & Benefits


  • Fully automated, individualized, driver performance management and coaching.
  • No hardware! LinkeDrive is a SaaS application that works across technologies.
  • Tunable solution to meet your organizational goals and objective including custom KPIs, metric threshold tuning, etc.
  • Third-party integration capable, to capture everything most important to you
  • Full SSO integration for Geotab Drive and MyGeotab for drivers and operational teams
  • Designed to facilitate performance incentive and bonus programs
  • Fully automated Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Driver engagement touchpoints
  • Daily MyDrive reports cover factors like driving metrics, drive path, badges, weather, wind, etc.
  • Weekly MyCoach coaching is customized to each and every driver
  • Monthly MyScore report (Fuel, Safety, Efficiency, Productivity, and Total Score performance and trending; what went well; where focus is needed; etc.)
  • LinkeDriveR portal for drivers, providing access to all the performance information they need to succeed, like all daily, weekly, monthly engagement touchpoints, 30/60/90 trends, and leaderboards



  • Directly engage with every driver, everyday.
  • Improves safe and fuel-efficient driving while reducing risk with consistent driver engagement & coaching.
  • Increases driver retention with personalized driver engagement & coaching.
  • Build positive and lasting winning culture, backed by the latest in behavioral science research

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