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Evvy by Motion Intelligence provides comprehensive enforcement of a fleet's mobile device policy to eliminate distracted driving from the moment the vehicle moves.


The Evvy App can be installed on Android and iOS devices, in BYOD and MDM environments, to enable every driver in the fleet to enjoy the optimal level of safe, hands-free access to their devices while driving. The cloud-based MotionIQ Evvy Manager dashboard empowers fleet managers to monitor Evvy users' device activity, receive real-time alerts and reports to help their teams  minimize risk and uphold the highest standards of safety.


The Evvy App identifies the mobile device policy associated with specific vehicles through the Evvy Signaling Device -- a credit card-sized device that can be installed in a vehicle in under 30 seconds.


Use the MyGeotab Add-In to easily manage implementation of the Evvy app and to access MotionIQ Evvy Manager.

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Features & Benefits

  • Automatic: Evvy starts when the vehicle begins to move and unlocks the device screen when the vehicle stops; Apple device users are reminded by Evvy to open and use the app while driving
  • Customizable: Mobile Device Policy settings can be created on fleet, group, and individual vehicle levels
  • Safe Connectivity: Evvy supports Bluetooth/hands-free connectivity and access to 911 at all times
  • Allowed Apps: can be surfaced on Evvy at the fleet manager's discretion
  • Rogue Device Detection: a patented feature that detects and reports the presence of unauthorized devices in the vehicle
  • Timely Information for Key Insights: Real-time alerts and comprehensive reports emailed directly to supervisors provide the information necessary for meaningful coaching and driver behavior change, and can assist in proving a driver wasn't a fault if an incident occurs
  • Protects Driver Privacy: No personal info is captured, no requirement for driver’s telephone number or email address
  • Streamlined Access: MyGeotab single-sign on and data import streamline implementation and management for fleet safety managers
  • Seamless Integration: The Evvy App, Evvy Signaling Device and MotionIQ Evvy Manager dashboard integrate seamlessly with existing telematics systems
  • Rapid ROI: Protects fleet brand, reduces liability, costly accidents and down-time for an ROI in 60 days (average)

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