Advanced Collision Avoidance and DVR System

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Reduce accident risk and prove the moment with recorded video clips.


MDAS is an advanced driver assistance system, designed to prevent accidents while drivers are driving. The Forward Collision Warning System alerts the driver using both audio and visual warnings when their vehicle is approaching to the vehicle ahead too quickly. The Time to Collision warning lets drivers know the time it will take to collide with the car in front of them. Both vehicle and non-vehicles can be detected, including pedestrians. The Lane Departure Warning System detects different types of lane markings and colors, giving the driver warnings when they unintentionally depart from the lane they are in.


MDAS also provides unique dashcam features. The embedded video recording function records everything so you can always understand what happened on the road.


Fleet managers can analyze driving behaviour through the information collected in reports and by creating rules and exceptions. MDAS is connected with the Geotab device via IOX-CAN.

Features And Benefits

Key Functions

  • Pedestrian Collision Warning (PCW)
  • Front Vehicle Collision Warning (FCW)
  • Unintentional Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
  • Safe Driving Distance Alarm (SDA)
  • Front Vehicle Start Alarm (FVSA)
  • Embedded Video Recording Function (Dashcam Feature)
  • Simple Installation & Calibration

MDAS Benefits

  • Improve driving habits and behaviors
  • Receive an alarm indicating an immediate possible collision
  • Lane departure alerts if the driver crosses the line unintentionally
  • Safe distance alarm to maintain the safe distance with the vehicle ahead
  • Pedestrian collision warning to help drivers prevent collisions with people on the road
  • Increase the drivers’ reaction time before an emergency situation occurs
  • View all driving events that occurred with the dashcam
  • Voice guidance helps user to understand what is the status and how to use the device
  • Simple installation and calibration saves time & costs

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