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Driveri® combines Video, Artificial Intelligence, and edge computing to help fleets improve driving performance in real-time with a blend of positive driving notifications and best practice identification.

Positive, supportive comments are provided along with constructive feedback about risky driving behavior – engaging drivers in balanced interactions that promote productive and collaborative relationships, and ultimately safer drivers.

GreenZone® is the industry’s first driver score built on the driver’s positive driving, versus solely focusing on negative events. GreenZone monitors daily driving, sending a notification when a driver has reached a milestone. In addition, GreenZone continuously analyzes your drivers and identifies at-risk driving before it becomes critical – allowing you to work with your driver to eliminate risk.

The Driveri technology platform processes data in real-time with up to 100 hours of storage. Unlike legacy platforms that rely on video to be uploaded to the cloud then reviewed by humans, thousands of data points are analyzed on the device, delivering real-time insights and alerts.

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Features & Benefits


  • QUAD HD Cameras with 360 degree views and up to 1080P - 120 DB HDR
  • NVIDIA TX1 Deep Learning AI Processor - this AI supercomputer processor includes the latest technology for deep learning, computer vision, GPU computing, and graphics. Enables video to be processed and analyzed on the device in real-time.
  • 9 Axis Accelerometer, Gyro, and Magneto - Provides accurate information about accelerations in all three directions, orientation in space, absolute change in position and orientation. orientation in space, absolute change in position and orientation

Features & Benefits

  • Records and analyzes every minute of driving time, with real-time alerts available
  • Outward, inward and side views provide clarity in capturing license plates, street and other objects on the road
  • Up to eight camera views available
  • Driver privacy options available
  • Mobile application for drivers and safety managers keeps everyone informed in real-time with alerts, GreenZone Scores, and contributing events.

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