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Are You Spending Countless Hours Answering Customer Phone Calls?

Customers call you to find out when you will arrive, taking up both yours and the customer's time. They can't be certain their ETA is accurate until the time of the ETA has come and gone, leaving them upset and unsatisfied if late deliveries occur.


Notify Your Customers Automatically, and Improve Customer Service with Notify4Me

Notify4Me allows you to give your customers more than just an ETA. Customers receive a quality customer service experience. They can find your field employee’s location on a map in real-time, letting them know exactly when they should expect your drivers to arrive. Share tracking information automatically with customers by SMS, voice, or email. Customers can check the status of their delivery at any time and will be notified and prepared for any potential late deliveries.

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Features & Benefits

Easy To Use

  • Share tracking information with customers by SMS, voice or email.
  • Share real-time driver locations with your customers
  • Vehicle location embedded on any website as a widget
  • Automatically alerts customers when your field rep arrives or is about to arrive
  • Unique URL for each order to track status
  • Set expiry for every tracking URL at the end of the day for privacy
  • Customizable alert settings, alert cut-off times, automated outbound messages with order-specific ETAs.

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