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Optimum VRx Stay-Fit


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What would it mean to your maintenance organization if you could predict system failures or quality issues before they happen? Long before a vehicle system fault is activated, Optimum's VRx Predictive Maintenance Solution alerts  management to emerging and unforeseen problems that ultimately lead to vehicle component failure. Maintenance managers can proactively monitor the health of their fleet and intervene before unplanned repairs result in downtime. VRx incorporates highly sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) machine learning techniques based millions of hours of operation.


VRx is a real-time map-based solution which provides an at-a-glance health status of your entire fleet. The system predicts emerging issues for all major vehicle components including engine, exhaust, electrical, brakes, coolant, fuel and transmission. VRx provides a how-to-fix solution for each maintenance issue, reducing diagnostics time by as much as 85%. The system is completely visual, and provides a comprehensive dashboard with timelines for historical maintenance analysis, a fleet readiness status and comprehensive up to the minute time-stamped reports detailing of each vehicle. Alerts are automatically sent to authorized personnel via email or text. All  reports can be viewed online, by email, or through web browsers. VRx can be used independently, or can be easily integrated into your current work order management system. The system is visually appealing and extremely user friendly. 


VRX Identifies the maintenance concern, Predicts time to failure and Prescribes a detailed step-by-step solution up to five weeks in advance.


VRx - Its your way to Optumized Fleet Health! Sign up today and receive your fleet-wide historical health assessment. 

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A video showing how Optimum VRx Stay-Fit works.

Features & Benefits

  • Instant value addition to fleet reliability and cost savings
  • Anomaly detection weeks in advance using artificial intelligence learning models
  • Customized analytical solutions to meet safety requirements
  • Provides up to the minute predictive health analysis and reports for major vehicle components including: engine, brakes, coolant, fuel, electrical, exhaust & transmission
  • How-To-Fix, step by step instructions integrated with OEM and clients Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems
  • Dashboard provides at-a-glance health summary of the entire fleet
  • Sorts vehicles by affected system components using color coded severity to help proactively manage maintenance
  • Improve operational efficiency by tracking vehicle health history
  • Automatically notifies management to schedule high priority events
  • Avoids costly disruptions due to unscheduled downtime
  • Built-in cost saving meter
  • Reduces diagnostics time by up to 85% allowing managers to prioritize work
  • Improves fuel economy and vehicle safety
  • Designed by Technicians for Technicians

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