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PreView Sentry is a radar-based collision avoidance system that provides operators with a visual and audible alert when a person or object is detected in the designated detection zone.


The Sentry sensor is installed on the exterior of the vehicle or equipment at the midpoint of the blind spot and and the LED display is mounted inside the cab. Also available with camera/monitor option.


PreView Sentry is not a parking aid. It is a safety system built for the most extreme conditions common with medium- and heavy-duty fleets.

Features And Benefits

Warnings and Alerts

With Geotab integration, PreView Sentry will report collision warning alerts, including detection zones, to monitor accidents and near misses.

Detects moving and stationary objects.

Actively monitors blind zones for people, equipment, structures, etc., giving the operator time to react and avoid collisions.


Programmable width and range to meet vehicle and site condition needs, with a 150° field of view.


PreView Sentry will withstand harsh working and environmental conditions with minimal, if any maintenance.


In the unlikely event the system stops working, PreView Sentry will alert the operator. Our competitor’s systems don't, giving the operator a false sense of security.

Designed using standard communication protocols

PreView Sentry can easily integrate with existing and future safety systems -everything from cameras/monitors to backup alarms and more- to provide your operators with a seamless, complete safety solution and help them avoid accidents.

PRECO knows blind spot safety

We design, engineer and manufacture heavy-duty collision mitigation technology so operators and fleets can perform without harm. Since 1947, PRECO has put its heart and soul into improving the safety of medium- and heavy-duty industries.

Device Requirements

GO9 and up

Device Plan Requirements



United States


Supported Languages


PreView Sentry

Provided byPreco

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