Routible Timecard - Payroll Tracker

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Routible Timecard tracks employee hours to reduce timesheet inflation, labour costs and administrative time. Payroll hours are automatically calculated and managers can export a report of payroll hours for the payroll period.


Inexpensive and Cost-effective

It costs more to not have this solution integrated with your fleet - it's a no brainer


Track Driver Payroll

Auto-calculate and track all your driver payroll hours without the administrative headaches


Reduce Labor Costs

Prevent timesheet inflation and overpaying your drivers


Verify 'Punch' Locations

Know exactly when and where your drivers started and ended their days


Export Reports

Export payroll hours to Excel quickly and easily


HR / Manager Friendly

User-friendly and simple-to-use


Designed By A Fleet Manager

Give relief to your managers who work hard to keep your fleet running


Go Paperless

Digitize all driver and payroll related data onto one easy-to-use platform

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An image showing how Routible Timecard - Payroll Tracker works.

Features & Benefits


  • Reduce Payroll Costs
  • Reduce Payroll Inconsistencies
  • Reduce Payroll Processing Times
  • Increase Payroll Accuracy
  • Calculate Payroll Hours Automatically
  • Simple-to-use
  • Mobile Friendly

Features and Add-Ons

  • Overtime Calculation
  • Wage Tracking
  • Wage Compliance Reports

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