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Sensata INSIGHTS AP1 Road-Facing Dashcam

Provided bySensata INSIGHTS


  • Simple, affordable road-facing dashcam with edge ADAS features
  • Easy, intuitive operation; fast, simple self-installation
  • Perfect for fleets not ready for driver-facing cameras
  • Now available on ORDER NOW — fast, click-simple purchase/integration

The AP1 road-facing connected dashcam from Sensata INSIGHTS is an exciting new option for the Geotab Marketplace. As part of the ORDER NOW platform, Sensata INSIGHTS and AP1 are now core Geotab applications with click-simple video device purchase, integration and video management.

The AP1 offers a unique combination of a 128-degree high-definition view of the road and a focused set of “critical few” ADAS functions in one sleek, attractively designed device.

The AP1 is simplicity taken to a new level. It’s fast and easy to install. It’s easy and intuitive to learn and use, both for the operator and fleet manager. And with its highly competitive price, the AP1 delivers operational improvement at low cost and even lower risk.

The AP1 protects drivers and their privacy, a perfect option for fleets where driver-facing cameras are impractical. Real-time alerts for lane departure, forward collision and headway monitoring/tailgating protect the driver, while the AP1 sends all video events to the cloud for future retrieval and review. Events are accessible to fleet managers for a period of 12 months.

Features And Benefits


  • Practical, no-frills feature set
  • No driver-facing camera; unobtrusive driver interaction
  • Front-facing high-definition camera provides a 128-degree view for clear evidence of fault in accidents
  • Secure, cloud-based data storage
  • Free AIDE software add-on leverages AI for dramatically reduced false positives without third-party human review
  • ADAS audio alert feature provides real-time feedback to help drivers stay safe and alert, and improve skills; documents issues to fleet managers
  • Sharp ADAS focus on safety-critical alerts — lane departure, forward collision and headway monitoring/tailgating
  • Fast/simple install — minutes per vehicle
  • Intuitive/automated operation — very little training required
  • Compact, low-profile device design
  • Certified on Verizon, AT&T and UScellular networks
  • Highly competitive price


  • Support driver recruitment, development and retention — ADAS features protect drivers and develop skills; forward-facing camera protects driver privacy and can shield from blame in an accident
  • Reduce accident, litigation and insurance costs — supports driver coaching and provides reliable evidence to reduce costs related to accidents, litigation and insurance premiums
  • Improve fleet numbers — reap the benefits of video telematics and ADAS: reduced accident rates and shop time, better fleet productivity and lower operating costs, as well as improved driver retention
  • Minimize the risk and effort of video telematics adoption — low cost, easy installation and intuitive operation make the AP1 a low-risk, high-potential way for fleets of all sizes to add video telematics
  • Seamless, native integration into Geotab telematics — fast and easy to purchase, set up and manage video through the MyGeotab™ app; unique data management technology reduces data usage and costs


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