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E-Horizon Road Weather Hazard Alert Service is a proactive accident avoidance system that transmits verbal and visual warnings of weather-related road hazards to both dispatchers and drivers. E-Horizon provides a full toolkit for fleet managers and telematics service providers to manage the impact of weather hazards on fleet logistics, enabling them to save money on costly repairs and mitigate risks for drivers and fleet assets.

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Features & Benefits


  • Map-based service allows dispatchers/control centres to view real time hyper-local, weather-related road hazards and risks. 
  • The Road Weather tab on the MyGeotab portal provides access to maps displaying a series of weather conditions overlaid as color coded layers that can be toggled on and off to view one or several road hazard risks simultaneously.
  • The system generates automated real-time audio and visual alerts of road weather hazards in proximity to the vehicle that are transmitted directly to the driver.  
  • The service is integrated with the MyGeotab Portal to aid in driver mentoring.

Vehicle Alerting

  • Hydroplaning Risk (flooding/precipitation)
  • Low Visibility Risk (fog)
  • Icing Risk (Black Ice/Freezing Rain)
  • Wind Risk
  • Hail Risk
  • Lightning Risk
  • Road Weather Conditions 

National Weather Service Real-Time Weather Reports

  • Current atmospheric radar weather
  • Current NWS weather alerts (at the county level)
  • Forecast Weather

Risk Index

  • If your company has a fleet integrated with MyGeotab, fleet vehicle locations will display on the map. Rolling over the vehicle icon will display a “Risk Index” identifying the level of risk of Hydroplaning, Low Visibility, Wind, Hail and Lightning in proximity to the vehicle.
  • The Risk is displayed as Green for no risk, Yellow for Low Risk, Orange for a medium risk and Red for high risk.


  • Provides real-time view of road and weather conditions to enable direct action by drivers and dispatch
  • Reduces driver risk
  • Provides critical data to improve logistics and decision-making
  • Minimizes risk for fleet assets
  • Reduces potential accidents
  • Reduces maintenance costs

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