Shapefiles are common file formats for mapping data and critical elements on a map. ZenduIT’s GIS ShapeFile and Road Importer tool allows you to easily drag and drop your shapefiles to import them as Geotab Zones. Using this tool, managers can easily run Geotab rules and reports against these shapefile zones. Typical examples include total time/distance on important road segments (ie. Winter Class Roads) or elements (ie. Waste Bin locations).

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An image showing how Shapefile Tool works.

Features & Benefits

  • Drag and drop shapefiles into Geotab Add-In
  • Mass naming by selecting shape properties or auto-incrementing
  • Preview files before import on a map
  • Warns and displays naming and shape conflicts if they already exist in Geotab
  • Mass configure zone properties of newly added zones
  • Build rules and reports against roads (ie. for Winter Maintenance, Waste Management, etc…)
  • Easy tool for mass renaming. Simply re-import the shapefile and give another naming convention

(Please note the algorithm is as good as the input data which is not always 100% accurate to the roads)


Provide the road data source files in shapefile format or a specific link/contact to the resource where the shapefile data may be captured.

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