TMW Truckmate Integration by ZenduIT

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ZenduIT has integrated with Geotab and TMW Systems in order to provide a complete, easy-to-use solution that interfaces with both platforms. With the Truckmate Add-in on Geotab Drive App, drivers are able to update their customized Truckmate pickup and delivery forms from within Geotab Drive. Status and form updates are immediately sent directly to TMW Truckmate software for dispatchers to view status and delivery confirmation. As result dispatchers are able to quickly respond to changes in the field and improve customer service and provide more timely and accurate billing.


Minimum Requirements

  • TruckMate 2014 SP1 or later
  • TruckMate “Mobile Com In-Cab” API License
  • Truckmate Server and Client Access Credentials with RDP Access
  • Android/iOS Device
  • Geotab Drive Enabled

Features And Benefits


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