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Riverside Transport's Investment in Proactive Safety Solutions

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Riverside Transport Inc., based in Kansas City, Missouri, is known for its operational efficiency and focus on safety. But with unpredictable weather on interstate highways, Riverside needed a proactive solution to keep drivers safe and their fleet on the road.

They turned to Drivewyze Safety+, an advanced solution that delivers real-time alerts for upcoming inclement weather. Safety+ provides advanced warnings that inform drivers before safety incidents happen.


Alerts for upcoming bad weather help our drivers prepare for what’s ahead.

-Ken Resta, Director of Safety, Riverside Transport Inc.

Not only does Drivewyze help keep drivers informed of weather situations, but it also improves CSA safety scores and mitigates risks. Best of all, Drivewyze is integrated into the Geotab devices that Riverside is already using.

The Drivewyze PreClear feature also supports Riverside’s efficiency goals.

Drivewyze is in so many states with more than 800 locations, so the coverage is really outstanding. Since Drivewyze is not transponder based, it means mobile weigh stations – at rest areas for example – are using Drivewyze and granting bypasses to our drivers. With our previous service, we would have had to pull into all of those mobile sites.

-Ken Resta, Riverside Transport Inc.


Plus, activation was easy, Resta says, "It was literally a flip of a switch for ATI (Assured Telematics) to engage all of our trucks with Drivewyze." Drivewyze is an integral part of Riverside Transport's success, delivering exceptional performance through products like Drivewyze PreClear and Safety+.

They’re a great partner to have in our corner.

-Ken Resta, Riverside Transport Inc.
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