Asset & Trailer Tracking

Keep your assets connected

Manage your fleet with a range of solar, battery, and Bluetooth operated asset trackers

Follow your fleet everywhere with Geotab and asset tracking solutions

Advance your journey with Asset & Trailer Tracking solutions from our vetted Marketplace partners

Protect your assets and trailers with tracking features that will keep you connected while in transit. Reduce the risk of lost or stolen goods and trailers with dynamic tracking tools that seamlessly integrate with MyGeotab, your central asset hub. Quickly locate and follow assets on the Geotab map to make sure that goods arrive on time and that your customers happy.

Make data-driven decisions to optimize the efficiency of your fleet. Trip history reports in MyGeotab and asset tracker information give you an overall picture of the use and condition of resources. This allows you to right-size your fleet, maximize resources, and improve planning accuracy, so that all company assets are being put to good use. Stay one step ahead by seeing which assets are used most often to anticipate the frequency of repairs and decrease the risk of breakdowns.

Key benefits

Find what you need

Quickly locate your assets

Optimize your budget

Right-size fleet assets and maximize usage

Stay one step ahead

Efficiently manage equipment health


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