Cameras and ADAS

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Cameras help you stay connected to the drivers in your fleet by accurately tracking their performance. Captured video triggered from driving events like harsh braking or speeding, along with Geotab trip history data provide a complete picture of where and why an incident occurred. They’re also a great training tool to show real-world examples on what to do, or not to do, while on the road. Once recorded, the data instantly appears in MyGeotab so you can see the details around driving behaviour and make data-driven decision to improve fleet safety.

ADAS solutions open new possibilities to prevent incidents. Drivers can receive real-time feedback while in transit, providing critical support in the moment they need it. Give your drivers the innovative tools they need to stay safe and confident on the road.

Key benefits

Support your drivers

Help drivers advance their skills and make better decisions

Guard your assets

Protect against false claims and unexplained damage

Improve your fleet

Boost fleet safety and reduce risky driving behaviors


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