Connected Sensors

Protect your goods

Accurately monitor vehicles with TPMS, Cold Chain, and Load Weigh sensors

Get insights into fleet performance

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Sensors give deeper insight into vehicles and the important loads they transport. Sensors for tire pressure, cold chain, and load weight monitor vehicles while in transit and send data back to MyGeotab for further analysis. The solution software takes this raw information combined with GPS data recorded by the Geotab GO to better understand trends.

The ability to monitor tire pressure to maintain safety, discover overweight loads to avoid fines, or flag changes in temperature to protect sensitive goods helps your fleet do their job successfully. Not only will fleet operations improve, but these insights will help you cut down on costs that could have been avoided in the first place.

Key benefits

Extend tire life

Keep tires running in top condition

Maintain the cold chain

Ensure sensitive deliveries aren't lost to spoilage

Comply with load regulation

Eliminate fines from overloaded trucks


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