Routing & Dispatch

Get the best routes for your fleet

Seamlessly integrate delivery logistics with route planning and dispatch coordination

Find the best way forward with Geotab routing and dispatch solutions

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Achieve full visibility into dispatched jobs and planned routes by tracking in real time. This will help you respond quickly to last minute changes, plan routes effectively to maximize deliveries in the shortest period of time, and better manage missed or late deliveries. As communication is key to keeping your fleet moving, these tools help dispatchers see what’s ahead for the fleet and make it simple to plan alternate routes when needed.

Routing and dispatch solutions can create dynamic routes that account for the constraints you face while on the road. With all recorded data available in MyGeotab, you can easily find the best way forward. Respond swiftly to urgent requests, adjust smoothly to unexpected changes, and develop plans that achieve accurate arrival windows to keep both your customers and your team happy.

Key benefits

Make every mile count

Streamline and optimize delivery logistics end-to-end

Keep connected

Improve communication between dispatchers and drivers

Maintain service excellence

Respond quickly and efffectively to changes or last-minute jobs


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