Driver Management & Training

Invest in your drivers

Educate your fleet on safe driving practices

Driver management and training – a smart investment in your business

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Training sessions are a great way to share positive feedback with your team, and help your fleet stay safe and productive on the road. Reinforce positive behaviour by sharing real examples of how your drivers did the right thing. Analyze data recorded from driver training solutions in MyGeotab to set benchmarks for your fleet and identify areas where you can improve as a group. Set the expectation that safe and knowledgeable drivers are recognized and appreciated.

Often times, driver training costs are offset by reduced spend on fines and collisions. Cultivate an environment that prioritizes fleet safety through coaching and training. Investing in driver training helps your team stay confident on the road. Knowing the right thing to do in the moment can make all the difference – put safety first. Challenge your drivers to improve their skills with interesting scenarios, training based in gamification, and opportunities for them to provide feedback.

Key benefits

Create confident drivers

Eliminate risky or distracted driving habits

Promote fleet safety

Prevent accidents and minimize risky incidents

Keep drivers engaged

Boost morale by creating safe work environments


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