Fleet Management

Automate daily tasks

Seamlessly manage vehicles, drivers, and daily operations

Achieve peace of mind with Geotab tools and fleet management software

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Peace of mind is seeing all the moving parts of your fleet at once. With MyGeotab and fleet management software, you can see the whole picture in one, comprehensive dashboard. Fleet managers have greater visibility and control while assets are in transit, helping to achieve timely delivery, efficient use of resources, and increased productivity.

From efficient loading and best practices in shipping, to maintaining compliance with driver road time and safety measures, to optimizing operations by picking up extra loads along the way, fleet management software coupled with GO device data gives you more control. Fleet managers have complete transparency of location, speed, and battery level of tracking tools to make sure that operations are running smoothly.

Key benefits

Better visibility and control

Drive productivity from the office to the road

Maintain contact

Keep fleet communication flowing

Simplify controls

Manage fleet progress in one central dashboard


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