Fuel Management

Run on less

Cut fuel costs and make the most of every tank

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Fuel management solutions coupled with Geotab data allow fleets to assess optimal vehicle use and cost savings. Decrease wasted fuel, put a hold on stolen fuel cards, approve or decline fuel transactions, and prevent abuse of resources. In addition, you can easily calculate fuel economy and other related metrics in one central location. Right-size your fleet and improve fuel efficiency by maximizing usage, finding shorter routes, and advising drivers on the best places to stop for fuel.

Proactively prevent the misuse of resources and cut unnecessary fuel costs by measuring, tracking, and reporting on bad driving habits or the breaking of company policies. View daily fuel usage compared to distance travelled; implement geofencing flags that tell you when, where, and how long your drivers spend in an area; and regulate where drivers should stop to fuel up, all in one central dashboard – MyGeotab. Invest in growing your business and shrinking your fleet footprint with fuel management solutions.

Key benefits

Achieve better efficiency

Cut down fuel spend and meet fuel optimization goals

Fuel smarter

Fill up at the right time for your fleet

Easily manage resources

Invest in your businesss while shrinking your fleet footprint


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