Maintenance & Diagnostics

Maximize vehicle uptime

Use predictive data to streamline fleet maintenance

Geotab technology and diagnostic tools work to keep your fleet in top condition

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Patterns in collected maintenance data and other critical vehicle data displayed in MyGeotab helps you see what lies ahead for your fleet. Use this predictive data to anticipate future maintenance requirements and significantly reduce breakdowns on the road. Keeping accurate records of vehicle issues, fault codes, maintenance schedules, and parts inventories ensure the maintenance scheduling process run smoothly.

Using vehicles that are in top condition is critical to the success of your fleet. Maintenance and diagnostic solutions help increase the lifespan of your fleet by catching small problems before they become large, expensive ones. They also help you plan your parts inventory, so that everything is on hand when you need it. Maintenance and engine diagnostics solutions help keep your drivers safe, maximize vehicle uptime, and flag potential problem areas so you can plan fleet operations effectively.

Key benefits

Keep drivers safe

Provide vehicles your drives can safely depend on

Control costs

Predict problems and prevent breakdowns from happening

Keep accurate records

Maintain service schedules and parts inventory with ease


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