Mobile Forms

Go paperless

Record data on the go with in-field information capture

Geotab and mobile forms help you keep up with the team

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Capture field data as quickly as your fleet moves. Mobile forms help fleets achieve a seamless workflow by making it easy to record data through automated tools. Forget about repeatedly filling in the same information. Automatic completion of fields speeds up the process and decreases the chances of incomplete or misplaced forms. Use out-of-the-box forms or build custom fields to create exactly what works for your team.

Analyze the data in MyGeotab, along with the data recorded by Geotab to get a holistic picture of fleet operations. With one comprehensive interface, lift the administrative burden of written reports, and automatically digitizes data for long-term reference and analysis. With all the specific client information available exactly when you need it, you’ll gain insights that can help you exceed customer expectations.

Key benefits

Improve efficiency

Never lose or misplace a form again

Boost productivity

Capture accurate information every time

Data at your fingertips

Access in-field data exactly when you need it


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