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The camera that captures the drive and driver behavior in real-time.

Powered by AI and Computer Vision, Surfsight automatically detects and alerts distracted driver behavior and harsh driving incidents in real-time, addressing the leading causes of preventable accidents.

Equipped with high definition road-facing and cabin-facing cameras, Surfsight captures the drive, simultaneously providing fleets with on-demand video view and video evidence retrievals on the Geotab dashboard.

Near misses, collisions, harsh driving events, cargo damage & theft, driver and passengers’ assaults are automatically detected, recorded and auto-uploaded to the cloud. 

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Features & Benefits


  • Improve safety with real-time alerts from harsh driving incidents
  • Reduce accidents with AI detecting distracted drivers
  • Reduce claims & insurance cost with live video evidence stored in the cloud
  • Improve operation visibility with on-demand video footage retrieval
  • Engaging employees in improving safety with data on driving behavior
  • Provide instant assistance and assess damages from the field in real-time with live-video
  • Personalized drivers training based on the driver's driving style with data on each driver
  • Integrated seamlessly with the Geotab cloud platform, displaying vehicle video at your fingertips
  • 2 minutes’ vehicle installation


  • High definition road-facing and cabin-facing cameras
  • IR for clear night vision in cabin
  • Built in sensors and cameras powered by AI and Computer Vision
  • Streamline video simultaneously from the road and driver
  • Built-in speaker and display for voice and visual coaching
  • On - demand video retrievals and live view from Geotab cloud
  • Turn any Geotab rule into a video event

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