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Developed by Zone Defense, this plug-and-play high resolution camera solution is equipped with night vision and offers both front and in-cab facing cameras. Not only will you have the telematics data in the event of a collision or to enhance a coaching opportunity, you will have photographic and video evidence as well. Automatic events include impact, speeding, sudden stops, and motion. Additionally, it offers a bookmark button for manually triggered events.

Also developed by Zone Defense is a Geotab Add-in that brings videos right into MyGeotab. The Add-in allows users to view the video:

  • By the vehicle
  • As an Event Report
  • On the map with Event colored breadcrumbs

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An image showing how Driver's Camera works.

Features & Benefits

  • Integrated GPS antenna, impact sensor, speaker, and microphone
  • Automatically records events and pinpoints the location of the event
  • Sort videos by event type or date
  • Bookmark button and extension cord so events can be triggered manually
  • Voice guide to inform the condition of the device
  • Save video, audio, and pictures right to your desktop with time, date, position, and speed from the internal memory
  • Record coaching opportunities such as driver’s fatigue, smoking, or cell phone use
  • Protect yourself in the event of a collision with photos, video, and a panorama thumbnail view for easy playback of the entire event at once
  • Lane departure overlay for liability protection
  • Simple plug-and-play installation with power from the vehicle’s battery
  • Optional automatic overwrite for normal driving saving only the event videos for longer work periods
  • Possible reduction in insurance rates due to having an anti-theft deterrent in the vehicle

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