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Utilizing advanced artificial intelligence and a patented- pending camera, ZonePro ADAS consists of three easy-to-use components:

  1. The ZonePro Camera, the eyes of the system watching the road in front of the vehicle.
  2. ZD Drive, a mobile application that is the brains of the system. Available for any Android device, it translates what is reported by the camera to determine coach-able events, then notifies the driver of so they can correct behaviors in real time. ZD Drive also integrates with Geotab Drive so drivers do not need to go between multiple applications.
  3. MyGeotab integration, the central place to access trip information so Managers can easily view, report, and download relevant information seamlessly.


Real-Time Smart Driver Coaching

ZonePro gives your driver an extra set of eyes and an in-cab coach whenever they are in the vehicle. Using artificial intelligence, built-in accelerometer and video, the system analyzes information in real time to coach drivers during questionable driving behaviors, including:

  • Harsh maneuvers/Aggressive driving (corning, braking, acceleration)
  • Forward collision and tail gating
  • Lane Drift
  • Speed Limit sign recognition and violation
  • Stop sign recognition and violation


Designed with fleet safety and budgets in mind, the ZonePro ADAS system installs in less than five minutes, uses cloud-based secured servers, and the driver application is easily installed on any connected device through the Google Play store. In addition, Zone Defense provides our patented-pending ZonePro Cloud camera at no charge with a service agreement.


Contact your Geotab Reseller to find out how having a coach with every driver can help your company.

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Features & Benefits

Key Benefits for Managers

  • Know what really happened through video and images of captured events and bookmarked items
  • Improve driver behavior with real-time driver coaching
  • Available on all MyGeotab plans so you can choose the plan that is right for you
  • Manager can access and review event data from any connected device
  • Ability to apply gamification for improved driver performance
  • Easy reporting to see important information such as: driver statistics and comparisons, best drivers and those who might need additional training, trending of driving behaviors and more.
  • Ability to set rules for alerts, data to received, and notifications to send
  • Ability to create incoming automated alerts of events in near real-time

Key Benefits for Drivers

  • Unlike other systems, ZonePro ADAS  immediately rewards drivers when they react to coach-able instructions. For example: If a driver is tailgating and receives the command "following too close" and then responds by increasing the distance between them and the vehicle in front, the event will not be reported.
  • Added set of eyes watching the road and reporting back during your drive.
  • Ability to bookmark events that are important to you
  • Simple to use interface through downloadable app that works alone or with Geotab Drive
  • Video proof of events
  • Driver score card at the end of each trip

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