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    ELD Information Add-InGeotab Inc.
    Geotab DriveGeotab Inc.
    Fuel TrackerGeotab Inc.
    Solar Trailer TrackerFlex
    Driver Safety Scorecard ReportGeotab Inc.
    Collision ReconstructionGeotab Inc.
    EV Suitability AssessmentGeotab Inc.
    Dual-Vision Video CameraRosco
    Route4Me Route PlannerRoute4Me
    Fleetio ManageFleetio
    Cummins Connected DiagnosticsCummins Inc.
    Fuel BIFleet Hoster
    Driver's CameraZone Defense
    Average Fuel Economy ReportGeotab Inc.
    Bluetooth Low Energy BeaconsBeWhere Inc.
    The Driver Challenged2go
    ELD Settings ValidatorGeotab Inc.
    IOX-NFCREADERGeotab Inc.
    Geotab RoadsideGeotab Inc.
    Exception Detail with Trips History ReportGeotab Inc.
    IOX-GOTALKGeotab Inc.
    Routible - Routing & DispatchRoutible
    Geotab Garmin BundleGeotab Inc.
    BlackBerry RADARBlackBerry
    SmartWitness GOCAMSmartWitness
    Battery Powered Asset TrackersDigital Matter
    Mobileye Advanced Collision PreventionMobileye
    HOS Driver Violations Alert ReportGeotab Inc.
    Zendu MaintenanceZenduIT
    MyGeotab AppGeotab Inc.
    OnCommand ConnectionNavistar International Corporation
    Dynamic Vehicle Maintenance ReportGeotab Inc.
    Fleet Savings Summary Geotab Inc.
    Green Fleet DashboardGeotab Inc.
    AssetPack-3 - AP3AssetLink Global LLC
    Check-fleetGPS Dashboard
    ProntoForms Mobile FormsProntoForms
    Elite EXTRAApplied Data Consultants Inc.
    Fleet365 for Microsoft Dynamics 365Microsoft
    GT0 and GT1 Satellite Asset TrackersGeoforce
    Top 5 Speeding Violations ReportGeotab Inc.
    Device Unplug ReportGeotab Inc.
    Watchdog Report by MinuteGeotab Inc.
    Odometer Jumps Report Geotab Inc.
    Optimum VRx Stay-FitOptimum Fleet Health
    GuardianSeeing Machines
    CO2 Emissions ReportGeotab Inc.
    Personal Mode Add-InGeotab Inc.
    Ok AloneTrusty Ox
    DVIR Defects Alert ReportGeotab Inc.
    Trimble Video Intelligence™Trimble Video Intelligence
    Predictive CoachPredictive Coach
    IOX-SATIRDv2Geotab Inc.
    TMT Fleet Maintenance TMW Systems
    Doran 360 TPMSDoran Manufacturing
    Small Fleet Driver Payroll ELD ReportGeotab Inc.
    IOX-BTGeotab Inc.
    ContiPressureCheckContinental Tire
    E-HorizonWeather Telematics Inc.
    IntelliConnect Remote DiagnosticsEaton
    TMWSuite and TruckMateTMW Systems
    Advanced Collision Avoidance and DVR SystemMOVON
    Quik LokateFleet Hoster
    Service Relationship Management PlatformDecisiv Inc.
    Paragon Software SystemsParagon Software Systems
    Geotab Data Science PackageGeotab Inc.
    Compliance Safety ManagerCraig Safety
    Weekly Idle Cost - Litres Daily Trend ReportGeotab Inc.
    Mobileye Weekly Trending ScorecardGeotab Inc.
    Shapefile ToolZenduIT
    Garmin GPSGarmin Intl.
    IOX-AUXMGeotab Inc.
    CallPass Solar SenseCallPass
    IOX-CANGeotab Inc.
    Authorized Geotab Reseller ManagerFleet Nova
    Last 3 Months Fuel Trend ReportGeotab Inc.
    Unverified Logs ELD ReportGeotab Inc.
    Last 3 Months Idling Trend ReportGeotab Inc.
    CoPilot TruckALK
    GeoDriverBetter Aps
    IOX-OUTPUTMGeotab Inc.
    Data Diagnostic & MalfunctionsGeotab Inc.
    Mobility Managed ServicesE2CC
    Drivin Smart DeliveriesDriv.In
    FourKites Real-Time TrackingFourKites Inc
    Life by SmartCapSmartCap
    GeoPOMBetter Aps
    Excessive Personal Conveyance ReportGeotab Inc.
    Trucking Fatigue MeterPulsar Informatics
    HOS Driver SummaryGeotab Inc.
    Telematics Device Issue Detection ReportGeotab Inc.
    OEM ConfigurationGeotab Inc.
    Mounting SolutionsRAM Mounting Systems
    ezEV AnalyticsSawatch
    Number of Drivers Placed ON Duty ELD ReportGeotab Inc.
    Profit Tools DiSC/DPS MobileProfit Tools Inc
    Allison Transmission Connected ServicesAllison Transmission
    Ruleset SwitcherGeotab Inc.
    Routible Timecard - Payroll TrackerRoutible
    Cyan Pickup & DeliveryBlue Dot
    Prophesy Dispatch SoftwareHighJump
    Dossier Fleet Maintenance SoftwareDossier Systems
    Weekly Idle Cost - US Gallons Trend ReportGeotab Inc.
    HRN-GS16K2Geotab Inc.
    Zenduit Third-Party IntegrationZenduIT
    VisiTrackVisiTrack Corp.
    IOX-USBGeotab Inc.
    J. J. Keller Hours of Service ManagementJJ Keller
    IOX-ALERTGeotab Inc.
    HRN-GS09K2Geotab Inc.
    AppianTMW Systems
    OFF Duty to Drive Instances ELD ReportGeotab Inc.
    GreenMile LiveGreenMile
    Total HOS Violations ELD ReportGeotab Inc.
    HRN-ES12S1Geotab Inc.
    TMW Truckmate Integration by ZenduITZenduIT
    Advanced HOS Logs ReportGeotab Inc.
    PressurePro TPMSAdvantage PressurePro LLC
    Import HOS LogsGeotab Inc.
    IOX-COMSPREADGeotab Inc.
    ZoneProZone Defense
    Trended Exception ReportGeotab Inc.
    Last 3 Months Mileage Trend ReportGeotab Inc.
    IOX-DJGeotab Inc.
    Bulk Import Trailers Add-InGeotab Inc.
    IOX-RS232Geotab Inc.
    HRN-BS04A1Geotab Inc.
    Engine Light Percentage ReportGeotab Inc.
    HRN-CM24Y1Geotab Inc.
    Drivers Approaching LimitGeotab Inc.
    HRN-BS16S4Geotab Inc.
    Geotab Solution IntegratorInovex
    Severe Violations Cost ReportGeotab Inc.
    HRN-CT06A11Geotab Inc.
    IOX-HIDGeotab Inc.
    Mobileye Exception ReportGeotab Inc.
    Top 5 Seatbelt Violations ReportGeotab Inc.
    Excessive Yard MoveGeotab Inc.
    Short Haul Switcher (60-hour/7-day)Geotab Inc.
    IOX-GARMINGeotab Inc.
    GEO-NFCFOBBLU20Geotab Inc.
    HRN-RX06S4Geotab Inc.
    PreView SentryPreco
    HRN-DS09S4Geotab Inc.
    IFTA Troubleshooting ReportGeotab Inc.
    HRN-GR09K1Geotab Inc.
    Border Crossing 60-Hour/7-Day Add-InGeotab Inc.
    HRN-BS16S5Geotab Inc.
    SPR-RELAYKITGeotab Inc.
    HRN-RW03S4Geotab Inc.
    HRN-EA16S1Geotab Inc.
    HRN-RS12S2Geotab Inc.
    Source & DestinationGeotab Africa
    Fleet Breakdown by Make ReportGeotab Inc.
    Geotab GO9Geotab Inc.
    HRN-DS06S4Geotab Inc.
    HRN-DS06T2Geotab Inc.
    OASIS Mobility ServicesOASIS Mobility Services
    HRN-DC14S2Geotab Inc.
    HRN-BU16Y5Geotab Inc.
    HRN-CE10A2Geotab Inc.
    HRN-CS14S2Geotab Inc.
    HRN-EE14S1Geotab Inc.
    HRN-CP04A2Geotab Inc.
    Border Crossing 70-Hour/8-Day Add-InGeotab Inc.
    IOX-BUZZGeotab Inc.
    HRN-CE04A4Geotab Inc.
    HRN-CW03S3Geotab Inc.
    IOX-CRSGeotab Inc.
    HRN-BF11A1Geotab Inc.
    HRN-RMRCA1Geotab Inc.
    Short Haul Switcher (60-hour/7-day) Big DayGeotab Inc.
    Bulk Export TrailersGeotab Inc.
    HRN-DC09T2Geotab Inc.
    HRN-CW08A4Geotab Inc.
    HRN-CK10A2Geotab Inc.
    HRN-CT20T1Geotab Inc.
    Short Haul Switcher (70-hour/8 day)Geotab Inc.
    HRN-CH06A2Geotab Inc.
    Driver Availability Report Geotab Inc.
    HRN-UP21Y2Geotab Inc.
    HRN-CT06A1Geotab Inc.
    Mobile Driver Distraction & SafetyTRUCE Software
    Descartes Route PlanningDescartes
    Verisk Data ExchangeVerisk
    Analytics LabGeotab Inc.
    Safety CloudHAAS Alert
    Fuel Card IntegrationFLEETCOR
    Operative IQOperative IQ