Engaging Workers in New Technology Supports Adoption

By Ok Alone • Premier Marketplace Partner | November 24, 2023

Technology doesn’t have to be scary.

The pace of technology change today is rapid. To stay on top, companies need to adopt new tools. But for workers, it can be intimidating if they’re trained on older systems. Or, it can be frustrating if the organization doesn’t adopt new technologies quickly enough.

How can you help your team speed up use of new technologies? Here are six tips.

Create space for input

Involve your team in discussions about processes, bottlenecks or repetitive tasks. These discussions may uncover ways that technology can improve their jobs or new opportunities for a technology solution. It may also alleviate fears that technology may take away from their roles. With management involved in these discussions, share why the technology is needed and how it’s going to roll out. Creating the space for input and information can help speed adoption.

Provide training opportunities

Training is crucial when introducing new technology. Workers need to understand why it’s being introduced, how to use it and where to access it. Explain how the technology relates to relevant regulations or policies and how its going to keep them safe.

Also remember that people have different learning styles. Provide training in various formats such as videos or training guides. You want your team to be confident and comfortable with the technology. Giving them opportunities to learn and use the new tools in a safe environment helps them get there.


Build trust

In a recent survey, 77% of employees named their workplace as their most trusted institution. When adopting new technologies, building trust means making sure your teams know their privacy and personal information is safe. Transparent policies around technology use, data collection and privacy will help maintain and build trust with your team.

Help them understand what’s in it for them

When workers understand what’s in it for them, they are more likely to adopt new technology. A PwC study found three reasons that motivated workers to use new technology:

  1. To help them advance their careers or gain status (cited by 37 percent of respondents).
  2. Because they are curious about the promise of better efficiency and teamwork (34 percent).
  3. Because it helps them do their work more easily (29 percent).

As you look to roll out new tools, consider what might motivate your teams to try out the new technology. Will it help them be more efficient or do their jobs more effectively? Help them understand how.


Make it a game

A TalentMLS survey found 89% of workers say gamification makes them feel more productive at work. From incentive programs to awards, games can make learning new tools easier, bring better results and have the added benefit of bringing a bit of joy to the workplace. Turn your technology adoption cycle into a game and see the results.

We’ve all seen how technology continues to impact our work. Make it easier for your teams to understand why the technology is important, how it will keep them safe and what’s in it for them. Engaging your workers in new technologies will not only help them begin to use it, but will also help drive your business.

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