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Extend fleet safety and monitoring to all employees, including drivers, when they are away from their vehicle. Location tracking with our smartphone app provides complete workforce visibility on the myGeotab map. Improve safety monitoring with real-time emergency alerts and lone worker features for remote workers. Easily move to an automated solution with our fully integrated Geotab add-in and user-friendly smartphone app.

  • Safety monitoring and lone worker app
  • Location tracking from Ok Alone apps and Go devices
  • Extend fleet safety and understand if the driver is ok or not
  • Lone worker solution with timed check-ins
  • Monitor employees away from their vehicle
  • Asset tracking for employees and teams
  • Real time emergency alerts 24/7
  • Move from manual to automated safety monitoring
  • Complete workforce visibility wherever they are

This simple, flexible mobile solution lets you monitor workers and ensure their safety while they're on the move even if they are away from their vehicle. Drivers use the mobile app to check-in, request help and send messages. Monitors utilize the secure dashboard in myGeotab to oversee their workers and keep track of check-ins. Ok Alone reports on both the vehicle and worker locations for a complete safety solution. Customize the check-in and escalation procedures to fit your unique workflow. Ok Alone offers low-cost pricing plans for all business sizes. Try Ok Alone with a free trial and support from our customer success experts.

Features And Benefits


  • Monitor Drivers at all Times - Drivers can stay monitored and protected at all times. Even if a driver leaves the vehicle Ok Alone can continue to monitor their location and provide this data in the myGeotab dashboard.
  • Extend Monitoring to all Employees – Monitor the safety of all employees, not just those with a Go device. Ok Alone monitoring can work on any smartphone and can be set up with a few clicks.
  • Wide range of Safety Features - Ok Alone focuses on an employee's safety, providing an audit of all actions throughout a shift and automatically creates alerts for missed check-ins, help requests or other actions.
  • Enable Drive Mode - Our Drive mode will automatically check in employees if they are driving. Monitoring will only activate once they leave the vehicle for a delivery or other task.
  • myGeotab Dashboard Add-In - Manage your Ok Alone account in myGeotab using our easy to install add-in. No extra login is required and monitors and workers can be imported from Geotab with a single click
  • myGeotab Map Integration - With our Geotab map add-in see where your workforce are at all times, including all assets and teams. Group together teams and assets and colour code them for easy visibility.
  • Asset Tracking - Anyone can use Ok Alone, not just drivers. This means you can extend asset safety to employees/teams and track all your assets in one place on the myGeotab map.
  • Demonstrate Compliance - Be assured you are following regulatory compliance and lone worker legislation & policy. Our solution has many customisable features to make sure you have the tools you need to follow legislation and keep employees safe.
  • Promote a Safety Culture - Reinforce a culture of safety among your fleet at all times with established safety procedures. Support your workers, increasing their morale and engagement at work with our Safety Awards.
  • Automate Monitor Alerts 24/7 - If a worker needs help, Ok Alone will automatically contact the monitors via email, SMS or phone call. Alerts are easy to understand and contain a map and the information required to respond and resolve the situation.


  • Dashboard integration with myGeotab 
  • Free app for smartphones 
  • View all assets including staff locations on the Geotab Map
  • Import monitors and workers from Geotab with a single click
  • Combine location data from Go Devices and Ok Alone apps
  • View both the vehicle and driver location at the same time
  • Monitor drivers safety away from the vehicle
  • Customer success expert to help at every step
  • Automated reporting can provide a daily summary of employee actions
  • Real time emergency alerts 24/7 
  • Easy deployment for your company with our Geotab Add-In
  • Drive mode automatically checks in a worker if they are safe in their vehicle
  • Extend monitoring to all staff, not just those with a Go device
  • Automated handsfree status management – check-in or get help using voice commands
  • Tailor the check-in process, reminder notifications and escalation procedures to fit your fleet
  • User-Friendly: simple set-up wizard helps you create your escalation procedures

Device Requirements

All GO Devices

Device Plan Requirements

Third-Party Device Plan, Pro, Base, ProPlus, Regulatory

Mobile Version

Android 4.2 or higher and iOS 10 or later


Middle East



Central & South America


Australia & New Zealand

United States




Supported Languages




Ok Alone

Provided byTrusty Ox

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