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For lone workers their vehicle is their office. Give them a safe and secure working environment with Ok Alone. This simple, flexible mobile solution lets you monitor lone workers and ensure their safety while they're on the move. Drivers use the mobile app to check-in, request help, and send messages. Monitors utilize the secure website to oversee their drivers and keep track of check-ins. Ok Alone reports on both the vehicle and driver locations for a complete safety solution. Customize the check-in and escalation procedures to fit your unique workflow. If you need more support, our Live Operator call centre provides 24/7 support to respond to missed check-ins so you don't have to. Put Ok Alone to the test with the 7 day free trial.

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Features & Benefits


  • Monitor drivers safety away from the vehicle
  • Hands free voice activation
  • Integrated into myGeotab dashboard 
  • Intuitive Operation: system is up and running in 10 minutes
  • User-Friendly: simple set-up wizard helps you create your escalation procedures
  • Custom-Fit: Tailor the check-in process, reminder notifications and escalation procedures to fit your fleet
  • Comprehensive Coverage: 24/7 live monitoring available from our call centre
  • Man Down alarm 


  • Comply with lone worker health and safety regulations
  • Mitigate risk and liability, which can have costly consequences
  • Support your lone workers, increasing their morale and engagement at work
  • Reinforce a culture of safety among your fleet with established safety procedures

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