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Level Up Telematics with Maintenance Data

The power of telematics solutions for Geotab customers is clear – real-time vehicle location, speed, idling, engine diagnostics data and more at your fingertips. Now, imagine what you could do with a tool that integrates vehicle maintenance data too.

Data-driven insights can help you make even better maintenance decisions about your fleet. Let’s explore how you can level up your telematics data to include maintenance information.

Automate Fleet Maintenance

Timely and up-to-date fleet maintenance keeps your fleet on the road and driving your business. With a fleet maintenance solution, regular maintenance and operations become part of the digital workflow giving fleet managers, like you, insights into the overall health and readiness of your fleet. Track and manage every aspect of your fleet’s maintenance requirements from reminders to reporting ensuring your fleet is road ready and compliant with your maintenance and operations schedule.

All Your Fleet Data in One Place

Software integrations connect multiple data points to provide you with an overall picture of your fleet. Data such as diagnostic trouble codes, engine faults and DVIR defects detected on Geotab devices can be automatically synced allowing you to instantly start a maintenance workflow. Seamless integrations with Geotab solutions make it easier to take action on, analyze and report on your fleet.

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Real-time Insights

Visibility into your fleet is mission critical for your business. Real-time telematics data integrated with a fleet maintenance solution gives you the power of data-driven insights. Whether its automatic notifications of vehicle issues or monitoring repair status, with an integration solution you get real-time insights to effectively and efficiently manage your fleet.

Level Up Your Fleet

Integrating fleet maintenance software into your telematics solution allows you to take your telematics data to the next level. With a solution like Geotab and Fleetio, fleet managers get the actionable insight needed to stay ahead of maintenance issues, streamline workflows and gain real-time insight into the health of fleets.

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