Streamlining Pharmaceutical Fleet Management

By doForms • Standard Marketplace Partner | November 10, 2023

Integrations Streamline Pharmaceutical Fleet Management

Timely deliveries, product integrity and regulation compliance are critical for effective pharmaceutical fleet management. But traditional paper-based processes may be holding back a fleet’s effectiveness.

Pharmaceutical companies can optimize their operations, enhance safety measures and improve overall efficiency with Marketplace integrations. These powerful tools streamline pharmaceutical fleet management processes. Here’s how.

Simplify Data Collection

Managing a pharmaceutical fleet requires accuracy and timeliness. Extensive documentation requirements like delivery manifests, temperature logs and more can be time-consuming and inaccurate. With solution integrations from Geotab, processes can be simplified by digitizing paper-based forms and automating data capture.

Drivers can access customized digital forms on their mobile devices and record vital information accurately and efficiently. Forms can include details such as vehicle inspection reports, temperature readings and delivery confirmations. By eliminating manual paperwork, an integration solution minimizes errors and delays in data entry, ensuring critical information is readily available for analysis and decision-making. Plus, with real-time data synchronization, fleet managers get up-to-date information instantly for better visibility into fleet activities, enabling proactive decision-making and prompt issue resolution.


Enhance Fleet Visibility with Geotab

Delivery delays, bottlenecks and safety can impact pharmaceutical companies’ bottom line. Knowing locations and timelines for fleets is mission critical.

Equipping vehicles with robust telematics hardware from Geotab and leveraging its advanced software, pharmaceutical companies gain real-time insights into their fleet operations. Geotab's GPS tracking technology offers precise vehicle location information so that fleet managers can monitor routes, track deliveries and optimize driver dispatching. Real-time tracking helps identify potential bottlenecks or delays, enabling proactive intervention to maintain delivery schedules.

With Geotab robust telematics, fleet managers get valuable data on driver behavior. They can identify speeding, harsh braking and idling to encourage responsible and safe driving habits, reduce accident risks and lower operating costs.


Optimize Fleet Efficiency with Integration

The true power of streamlining pharmaceutical fleet management lies in integrating your telematics data with a Marketplace solution. These combined platforms create seamless workflows that maximize operational efficiency.

Want to capture real-time temperature readings for pharmaceutical products during transport? With a solution like doForms and Geotab, fleet managers can monitor temperatures in real-time with compatible sensors and capture that information to ensure temperature-sensitive medications and vaccines remain within the required range throughout the delivery process, safeguarding their efficacy.

Need to know when deliveries are made in real-time? Delivery confirmations recorded in doForms can be automatically synchronized with Geotab's software, enabling fleet managers to monitor completed deliveries in real-time. This integration reduces manual data entry efforts and minimizes the risk of errors or omissions.

Compliance and Regulatory Benefits

Pharmaceutical fleet management is subject to strict regulations and compliance requirements. Ensure compliance and simplify the auditing process by leveraging these integrations.

Reduce the risk of incomplete documentation with mandatory fields customized for regulatory compliance. Geotab's comprehensive reporting capabilities provide fleet managers with accurate historical data, facilitating compliance audits and regulatory reporting.

Streamline Pharmaceutical Fleet Management

The powerful integration combination of doForms and Geotab enables pharmaceutical companies to significantly improve their fleet management processes. With streamlined data collection, enhanced fleet visibility and integrated critical systems, this integration empowers organizations to optimize operations, enhance safety measures and maintain compliance with industry regulations.

Leverage technology solutions to streamline operations, increase efficiency and deliver pharmaceutical products reliably and safely. The future of pharmaceutical fleet management lies in harnessing the power of digital transformation – doForms and Geotab are leading the way.

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