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doForms is a mobile solutions platform for the rapid development of mobile data collection applications and forms.  Easily enhance your Geotab experience with a robust suite of business functionality for job scheduling and dispatch, vehicle inspection. barcode scanning and label printing, timesheets, mobile payment and more.

As a companion product for Geotab customers.  It vastly expands the information collected by mobile employees and is integrated into the Geotab portal providing customers with total insight into a mobile employee’s day from start to finish. 


It works with the Geotab trip history portal and comes complete with all the software needed to;

  • Dispatch and schedule work
  • Manage employee time and expenses
  • Inspect vehicles
  • Document Incidents and pre-existing vehicle damage
  • Record vehicle fueling to facilitate IFTA reporting
  • Create sales receipts and more.

In addition, it is a highly customizable platform that can easily and affordably help customers automate their entire data collection process.


Perfect Reseller Technology:

doForms is the perfect technology to add to your product line as a reseller.  Geotab tracks employees to the job site while doForms takes over from there to document every aspect of the work performed.

The solution provides resellers with an attractive revenue-sharing partnership. This includes a steady recurring revenue stream, along with one-time revenue from any custom services provided to the customer.  A team of mobile solutions consultants are provided as a supported resource which includes the creation of customer mobile forms, presentations, and pre and post-sales support.  

Resellers only need to identify an opportunity, call their doForms representative and we take it from there.  All the reseller does is bill the customer.  

Features And Benefits

doForms has integrated many mobile technologies to meet customer requirements for a total solution.

  • Barcode Scanning 
  • Barcode Label printing
  • Mobile document printing and remote centralized office printing
  • Credit card payment
  • Shipping Labels
  • Real-time dispatch

It can run on any IOS or Android mobile device or your browser.  On IOS and Android doForms is connectionless so no wireless coverage is no problem.


Available mobile forms can access Geotab data in real-time.  Our Geotab mobile solutions bundle takes full advantage of this integration.  For example, our electronic timesheet management system can be combined with vehicle data like the odometer reading, fuel level or other information as time is being recorded.  This can help with expense reporting, customer billing, and adherence to company policies. 


doForms has provided customers solutions for:

  • Proof of Delivery
  • Retail Merchandising
  • Warehouse order processing
  • Inventory
  • Field Service
  • Healthcare (HIPAA compliant)
  • Construction
  • Inspection and more!

An Incredible Reach

doForms has been sold in every country and works with Geotab resellers nationally and globally. Our ability to provide affordable solutions that can be delivered in hours or days means that resellers start seeing revenue almost instantaneously.  


If you are a Geotab customer, simply contact your Geotab reseller today for a free trial. Try before you buy!  No risks just the ability to reduce costs, increase billable time and accomplish more with the same resources to now focus on work rather than paperwork. 


If you are a Geotab reseller, contact doForms. Sign up as a reseller and meet your support team.  

They will train you, set you up with sales and marketing tools, and be with you on every sale to ensure your success.  

Device Plan Requirements

Base, Pro, ProPlus

Mobile Version

Supports IOS, Android and mobile browsers



United States

Supported Languages








Provided bydoForms

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