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doForms is a mobile solutions platform for the rapid development of mobile data collection applications and forms.  Easily enhance your Geotab experience with a robust suite of business functionality for job scheduling and dispatch, vehicle inspection, barcode scanning and label printing, timesheets, mobile payment and more.

Dispatch jobs and see completed work tickets and vehicle inspections right from within your Geotab portal. View reports, charts and graphs and create custom views of your data right from the portal.

doForms mobile apps are smart and can detect when they arrive and depart locations simply using the dispatch address. Easily add in GPS features such as, arrival ETAs (based on current traffic conditions), driving directions and you can even update form data automatically with the current address and or current coordinates.  

doForms is different then other mobile forms products. Those products simply allow you to collect data. With doForms you can easily create complete solutions using our remote form data modify functionality.  This allows you to automatically update data on the back end. So, if you sell 5 apples you can reduce the quantity of apples on hand by 5 making building solutions like inventory easy. 

Working with doForms is effortless. While anyone can build their own forms and solutions its not a requirement. A doForms solutions consultant will build the first form for free and then will remain as the primary contact and resource until all requirements are satisfied.  

Build simple forms or complex apps. Its easy with doForms and affordable.

Features And Benefits

Mobile Forms

Mobile forms are at the heart of the doForms platform.  Build a simple form for basic data collection or build a complex form with logic, calculations and integrated data that functions like a mobile application. doForms has the tools needed to meet all your requirements.  

Not an integrator. Don’t worry. With doForms we did it all for you with support for mobile printing, barcode scanning, NFC, RFID, mobile payment, shipping labels and more.


Dispatch right from the Geotab portal.  Most products give you the ability to send a few text strings and maybe modify the field labels. With doForms your dispatcher forms are custom and can contain as much information as needed. They assist the dispatcher with drop down data and user availability via the real-time scheduling calendar. Dispatchers can track the status of each job in real-time and view completed work tickets at any time. Since forms stay forms, completed forms can continue to be worked on by the back office as needed to assist with payroll and billing.  Jobs can be entered manually or electronically using any of the many integration options that come standard with the product.

Retrieve & Modify

Build complex inventory solutions, time and payroll systems, asset and yard management solutions.  doForms makes it easy to go well beyond simple data collection.  How does it work? Simply build a form called inventory. Add fields for product ID and description, as well as fields for quantity on hand and last transaction time and date.  Now build a form to sell products. When the form is submitted it can automatically update the inventory form for that product, so the QOH is debited. You can even ask the system to retrieve the current QOH to see if there is enough inventory for a sale.  Use our support for barcode scanners and label printers and you can perform audits, receive products and even ship using our integrated shipping label feature. 

Barcode Scanning and Label Printing

doForms supports scanning with device cameras as well as using specialized scanning equipment from Zebra, Honeywell, Datalogic, Keyence, Unitech and more. Build complex scanning applications with robust scanning tools that make it easy to add scanning, NFC and RFID right into your mobile forms.  Need to Print pickup labels, receipts, estimates or barcode labels in any format. doForms makes it easy to print full page documents on mobile printers, labels on mobile label printers from Brother and Zebra and we can even print remotely to back offices using our built in Bartender integration.

Mobile Payment

doForms has integrated with Square to make mobile payment integration easy. Use doForms to build invoices and order forms. Add payment into your form and you’re a credit card swipe away from payment. You can even email forms to customers, and they can enter their card information using their browser. 

Automated Workflow

doForms has implemented a full suite of automation options into the platform.  Forms can be forwarded as forms, PDFs, emailed, texted or shared with other doForms users. Forms can determine what device is being used to open them and automatically adapt to provide a positive user experience. Field based rules and permissions by entity control how each user interfaces with the form through out the workflow. Our licensing and credit pricing models allow forms to be used by employees, customers, contractors, suppliers and more. doForms offers highly secure workflow for use in the healthcare industry and is HIPAA compliant.

Data Analysis

Create custom data views, charts and graphs, email scheduled reports and Excel spread sheets right out of the box. Our Excel plugin allows you to import data directly into Excel and our reporting engine makes it simple to distribute information company wide. Use our modify functionality to create data rollups for perfect management reporting and user dashboards. 

Device Requirements

Any GO device

Device Plan Requirements

Base, Pro, ProPlus

Mobile Version

Supports IOS, Android and mobile browsers






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Central & South America


United States


Middle East

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Provided bydoForms

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