As Actsoft’s flagship workforce management solution, Encore gives businesses the ability to seamlessly track and engage with mobile employees. With our solutions, employers are able to monitor staff, track inventory, and digitize their paper forms, allowing them to streamline daily processes, increase efficiency, reduce waste, improve accountability, and maximize profitability.


This solution is perfect for business owners with mobile staff looking for a solution to effortlessly keep track of everything from a central location. Anyone using paper forms or manual timesheets and companies that need to quickly and efficiently dispatch jobs to workers in the field would benefit from Encore.

Features And Benefits

Timekeeping: Eliminate unnecessary trips back to home base and free up more time for your employees to get things done. Time, date and location are captured and available at any time.

Dispatching: Make work order information available in the blink of an eye via mobile phones or tablet devices. Create, send, and manage work orders from the office to the field, quickly and efficiently.

Forms: Replace and enhance your paper forms with features like photo capture, built-in calculation tools, and emails for instant digital receipts. Customize prebuilt form templates to reduce errors and eliminate unnecessary printing to save money.

GPS Tracking: Locate and monitor your fleet vehicles, employees, or assets in the blink of an eye. This available add-on helps with everything from route optimization to driver accountability.

Manager App: Perform much of the same management functions as before, but without the need for a computer. Now, when you’re on the road, you can use your mobile device to oversee your field workers’ activities, dispatch new work orders, and more.

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Central & South America



United States

Supported Languages


Paid Solution

Device Requirements

Any Geotab GO device

Device Plan Requirements

Base, Pro, ProPlus, Regulatory, Third-Party Device Plan

Mobile Version

iOS version 6 or higher, Android version 3.0 or higher. Minimum 1 GB Wireless Data Plan is recommended.