The Advanced HOS Logs Report is designed to allow administrators to view advanced details across their drivers Hours of Services logs. This ELD report is based off of the default Advanced HOS Logs Report within MyGeotab, but it includes additional details on drivers by groups and details the shipping commodities as well.  


We recommend the following when running this report:

  • Recommended format: Report views or Emailed Report
  • Recommended period: Date Range of Previous 7 days, and a Weekly Refresh Period


Like other HOS logs report, this report can be modified to show HOS logs:

  • by duration for a specific status
  • by Annotations
  • by groups inside company
  • compared by HOS rule set of the driver
  • by Verified and Unverified logs
  • filtered by use of Trailer


Check out these resources to help you create custom excel reports: a blog post on How to Design a Custom Dashboard Report and a video on Custom Reporting Basics

Features And Benefits

  • Ability to view HOS logs in one-central location
  • Improve visibility into driver training
  • Improve your fleet’s operating efficiency


After downloading this custom report, follow these steps:

Setting Up The Report

  • Upon downloading the Advanced HOS Logs Report, modify the "Edit Log Hyperlink Information" section for your database.
  1. Under "Server:" include the first half of the URL to your MyGeotab database before the forward slash. For example, "", you would include
  2. Under "database" include your database name. This refers to the second half of the URL to your MyGeotab database after the forward slash. For example, "", you would include abc_company.

Upload Custom Report

  • In the database, select Administration > Reports > Dashboard or E-mailed Reports
  • Upload the custom report by selecting the Add Excel file button at the top.

Settings for Custom Emailed Report

To configure this report as an emailed report, you will need to apply additional settings:

  1. Specify the groups for the dashboard viewers or the recipient list
  2. Set the Report Date Range to your desired time range (Previous 14 Days is recommended)
  3. Similarly, specify a refresh period which will result in new data each cycle start (Daily is recommended).
  4. Select the group you would like included in the report. By default, it is set to Everything as the user will only receive what they have access to.
  5. Select Run report by to Driver and Statuses: (ON, OFF,D,SB,INT_PC, INT_D,PC,YM)
  6. Upon completion, select Save at the top.


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