Drōv Technologies, headquartered in Oklahoma City, Okla., provides industry-leading technology for the emerging smart trailer movement. 

Drōv’s AirBoxOne™ is shaping the market with the first comprehensive solution for a fully enabled Smart Trailer. It provides a single platform for fleets to aggregate sensor-collected real-time trailer operating data, turning it into actionable information and seamlessly communicating it to drivers and fleet managers through efficient mobile and desktop interfaces. In addition to sensor aggregation, AirBoxOne™ dynamically adjusts the tire pressure based on axle load, location, or other fleet-identified conditions in order to maintain precise tire pressure. 

This proprietary tire solution provides a first-to-market offering to help fleets achieve longer tire life as well as safer on-the-road experiences for drivers. The addition of cameras for cargo, review and side view, as well as safety and security provide a comprehensive experience for fleet maintenance and safety managers as well as for drivers.  AirBoxOne™ supports fleets and drivers today and is positioned to meet the needs of the autonomous future.



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