Aptean Routing & Scheduling Paragon Edition

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Aptean designs, implements, and supports routing and scheduling optimization solutions that are proven to meet the real challenges of transport operations across the globe.


The Aptean routing and scheduling software reduces planning time, cuts transport costs by up to 30%, creates more accurate routes, improves customer communication, enables later cut-off times, and cuts carbon emissions and fuel costs.


Combining Aptean’s live planning module, Route Execution, with Aptean routing and scheduling software allows you to easily compare the progress of your drivers in real-time against the planned route. Route Execution links with Geotab vehicle tracking enabling you to review your daily distribution performance, deliver excellent customer service, produce more realistic and accurate route plans, respond efficiently to problems or delays as they arise, further cut transport costs, and improve operational performance.


Resource management functionality within Route Execution links with Geotab ELD enabling you to manage holiday, sickness and other duty records (e.g. training), manage weekly working hours by combining historical, planned and rostered data, define driver shift rotas, and balance workload across driver resource.


The fleXipod electronic Proof Of Delivery (ePOD) software removes delivery paperwork. Streamline operational efficiency, provide real-time visibility of all mobile activity, enhance customer communication and on-site service, collect proof of delivery data including signature, capture operational data such as vehicle checklists, and collate data for reporting and continuous improvement.


Our software together with our experienced implementation and support team, helps you create robust and achievable transport plans that maximize the use of all your drivers and your vehicles. We have been developing routing software for over 30 years. Our clients include George’s Inc, AgReliant Genetics, The Dufresne Group, The Linde Group, National Food Corporation, Martin-Brower, DHL, Tesco and Harrods. Today our solutions are in use in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Features And Benefits

Aptean solutions include:

  • Routing and scheduling software (Aptean)
  • Route execution and live management software (Aptean Live - Route Execution)
  • Home delivery and fulfillment software (Aptean HDX)
  • Proof of delivery and job management software (fleXipod)
  • Real-time KPI reporting, dashboards and analysis tools (Aptean Live - Live Management)


Benefits include:

  • Reduce transport costs through more efficient routes and schedules
  • Cut transport planning time from hours to minutes
  • Increase percentage of on-time deliveries
  • Improve customer communication with accurate ETAs
  • Create more accurate schedules, based on the actual availability of your drivers
  • Increase utilization of fleet vehicles and drivers, helping to rightsize your fleet and balance workload
  • Enhance service levels by offering customers tighter time windows and more accurate arrival times
  • Increase profitability through increased drops per vehicle, or appointments per driver
  • Produce shifts that factor in accurate travel times, meal breaks and drop duration for all available drivers
  • Simplify compliance with regulations such as Hours of Service
  • Reduce miles and therefore carbon emissions
  • Improve visibility of real-time performance
  • Reduce route variance by comparing plan versus actual
  • Improve visibility of transport data across your business, providing accurate information such as costs per drop
  • Model what-if scenarios to understand the impact of change before committing to investment in time or money

Device Plan Requirements

Pro, ProPlus, Regulatory

Mobile Version

fleXipod (Aptean's mobile ePOD) runs on Android



Australia & New Zealand



Central & South America



Middle East

United States

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Aptean Routing & Scheduling Paragon Edition

Provided byAptean

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