Many carriers rely on multiple different systems to run their day to day operations. With their fleet data stored in multiple locations, it makes it difficult for them to holistically analyze the data and find the insights they need that will improve operations and efficiency. 


No matter how good a singular solution's reporting system is, the information located within the other systems means carriers don't have everything they need for ideal decision making. This is where solutions like the ASR Automated Data Agent come into play. 


The Data Replication Agent is a tool designed to copy data collected by telematics providers and transfer it to an on-premise database, consolidating the data and making it possible for advanced analytics. This can then be incorporated into existing BI Solutions, or new reports can be built across systems to answer complex questions that one system alone cannot provide.


A service is created that runs in the background and will allow Geotab customers to leverage their data in new ways using any reporting software, program, or tool they want. This becomes especially helpful if customers want to compare their Geotab data to information collected in other systems for comprehensive side-by-side views.

Features And Benefits

Fleets in Class 8 and above (Heavy Truck) often run advanced reporting using their systems on-premise. This includes Dispatch, Maintenance, and Accounting data. The agent provides a wonderful solution for leveraging the amazing data points collected by Geotab and copying the data on-premise for advanced reporting.

Traditional Telematics Providers for Heavy Truck have offered tools to replicate data to client systems for decades. Many Fleets migrating from these providers require a solution to bring data locally for integrated reporting with other sources before they can convert to Geotab.

  • Require complex reports utilize multiple datasets, including their Telematics and ELD data.
  • Previously used another provider who allowed local data access for telematics and ELD.

The ability to access the data you need to create custom reports across multiple datasets. This is a specific need that only some larger Heavy Truck customers will have (typically at or above 200 vehicles), but is critical to their use of Geotab when needed.




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Works irrespective of GO device as a Windows Service.

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